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Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson

tears in my eyes; solidarity arising from such horrible situations is bittersweet.


through loving a group for years and years though we may not have the inside to everything we do know one thing: a group of sisters do not just wake up one day after years and years of being together with all of them deciding to want to kick a member out over a brand/business

but yet, most of you are going to still sit there and act like there is no possibility of sm having any part of this, wow ok


Right now it's SNSD, In the future it's SNSD, Forever it's SNSD



there is no logical reason all 8 of them would be against jessica and make her choose about something so ridiculous. think logically, do you honestly believe they did this heartlessly for no sole purpose or no reason behind this? it has to be sm, they clearly despise blanc, they are…

jessica english lines

We’ll guide and support you SONE, because you’re part of our family.


fans shouting “Jessica” at fanmeet, Seohyun cries, Yoona hugs and comforts her

When SHINee didn’t expect to win…

→the very general and blunt history of groups from SM

h.o.t split with SM not offering three members any contracts

S.E.S disappeared with one member at a time from activities followed by a notice saying that the group was no more

Shinhwa left SM together, fought in lawsuits with SM, and are still in lawsuits due to SM-created issues that…

Being numb is the worse stage for me. When I’m I stare blankly into space for hours and my chest feels like it weighs a ton and my arms are itching to be opened but I’m too numb to move. To numb to care.
(98/365) by (KJ);



SHINee is the best looking boy band ever no offense